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Promotional Branded USB Products

Discover what happens when you give a corporate gift that’s as original as it is useful. Promotional branded USB products, clever ideas for you, clever ideas for your customers.


Gadget Promotional Power!

Making promotional branded USB products your corporate gift of choice makes sense in a whole host of ways:

Choice: We’ve sourced the novel, the different, the exciting and the useful and put them all in one place, so you can find the perfect promotional USB gadget for you

Personalisation: The more you can tailor your promotional gift to your target audience, the more effective it will be. We’ve got a near infinite variety of USB products and gadgets, so you can find the perfect promotional gift for a big impact

Novelty: Never underestimate the power of “well, I’ve never seen that before”. Give a corporate gift that gets a reaction like that, and you give a promotional gift that stays in mind.

Make Branded USB Products Your Promotional Item For…

  • IT and office? To keep your brand in view, make it useful. Choose USB sticks, power banks, phone stands, computer cleaners and more.
  • Travel? What matters most to your target audience when they’re on the move? From earphones to power packs, give them the promotional gifts they’ll thank you for every time they use them.
  • Fitness? Smartphone armbands and pedometers keep your brand in mind with every mile covered.
  • Fun? From novelty power packs and torches to branded Rubik’s cubes, choose promotional marketing that matches your imagination.

The Fylde Promotional Merchandise Difference

We’ve years of experience in giving corporate gifts the extra design clout they need to do their jobs. From colours to fonts to logos, we’ll ensure the information we place on your promotional USB products is the perfect match for your brand. We’ll even give you 30 minutes’ FREE studio time.

Ordering your promotional merchandise is fast and simple. Make a start by contacting us now or call us on 0330 043 18 08.

Creative Merchandise. Your Brand is our Business.